Retail Funds Transfer The Bank offers retail funds transfer service via National ITMX co.,Ltd.(NITMX) in two types as follows:
1.Debit Funds Transfer
      The customer makes an agreement allowing the Bank to debit from his/her account to make payment to other customers within the Bank or of other banks on the payment due date. Payments can be for goods and services purchasing,installment payment,utility bills,etc.
2.Credit Funds Transfer
      The Bank provides a service of funds transfer from one customer to another customer of the Bank or other banks such as the transfer of salary to the employee‘s account,dividend transfer, tax return transfer from the Revenue Department,etc.
Terms and conditions  
    - Juristic person must enter into an agreement with the Bank according to the Bank‘s specification before using retail funds transfer service.
      If the customer has not been under such agreement,he/she shall use funds transfer forms as specified by the Bank.
      BPC(Bulk Payment)fee as prescribed under the Bank‘s notification