Al-Haj Deposit
Objective To secure travelling expenses during Haj pilgrimage participation with 60-month deposit,
minimum opening account of 2,500 Baht with month-end profit sharing.
Principle Mudarabah
Deposit type Savings deposit based on Mudarabah principle. Deposit period is set at 60 months with month-end profit sharing.
Deposit and withdrawal conditions - Minimum opening deposit of 2,500 Baht, no limit on deposit times and deposit amount after the  initial deposit.
- Deposit can be partially withdrawn after the account holder registers for Haj participation with the Department of Religious Affairs.
- The account holder can withdraw all deposit by closing the account when the account is due or when he no longer plans to attend the Haj.
Profit  Profit calculation shall be based on profit-sharing rate of 20:80 pre-agreed between the Bank and the account holder.The month-end profit will be transferred to the Al-Haj account.If the depositor closes the account before 3 months, he shall allow a deduction of the pre-tax profit from his balance.