Al-Haj Deposit V.2 Minimum opening deposit of just 500 Baht.
Objective   Al-Haj savings deposit helps ensure availability of travelling fund for Haj participation with a minimum opening account of 500 Baht and semiannual profit payable at end of    June and December.
Principle   Mudarabah
Deposit type   Mudarabah savings,based on Mudarabah principle.Semiannual profit payable is at end of June and December.
Deposit and withdrawal   conditions - Minimum opening deposit of 500 Baht, no limit on deposit times and deposit amount after the initial deposit.
- A passbook will be issued to an account holder.
- A guardian can open the account for minor (age <15).The name of the account will be specified as“ (Guardian’s name) for (Minor’s name)”.
- No more than one withdrawal per month,no limit on the amount withdrawn.Minimum account balance must be no less than 500 Baht, 
  or the account will be closed.
- No ATM issued.All transactions shall be conducted at the Bank’s offices/branches.
Profit   Profit shall be calculated from a profit-sharing rate of 25:75 previously agreed upon by the Bank and the account holder.
  Profit payable will be at end of June and December or as per Bank’s policy.