Financing for Muslim retail operators
  • To acquire resources and equipment business needs.
 Target group
  •  Muslim retail operators(mSMEs).
 Applicant qualifications
  • Thai Muslims aged 22 years upwards. Age of the applicant plus repayment period must not exceed 65 years.
  • Have at least 2-year business experience.Such information must be verified by the Imam of the community where the business is located.
  • Business is lawful and complying to Shariah principle.
  • Have permanent residence and reachable address.
  • Have permanent work place.If the work place/office is under a lease or rent contract, a copy of contract must be submitted.
  • Being MSMEs with fixed asset (not including land) worth no more than 5 million baht.
  • Being MSMEs applying for new financing, not for refinancing.
  • At least 1 reference is required.
  • Not being a person who has legally declared bankruptcy.
 Financing line
  •  Minimum 50,000 Baht, maximum 200,000 Baht.
 Repayment period
  •  3-5 years.
 Profit installment rate
  • SPRR+3.50% throughout the duration of the contract.
Note: SPRR as prescribed under the Bank announcement.
  • No contract fee.
  • No Accident Takaful fee.
  • No financing guarantee fee with Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG).
  • Front end fee 900 bath per applicant.
  • Other fees as prescribed under the Bank announcement.
Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) provides financing guarantee of no more than 200,000 baht.
Offer ends December 15, 2017.