Being an Islamic bank that is trustworthy and reliable in providing financial services complying with Shariah principles.  To be a main bank for Muslim customers and general business customers who conduct business with Muslims, as well as being an alternative bank for general customers.



1. Have fine-tuned management, standardized work system, quality staff, and do business professionally.
2. Transparency in operations under corporate good governance.
3. Achieve financial stability with sustainable growth, while keeping balance on benefiting all stakeholders.
4. Support and provide business linkage for Muslims and related parties.
5. Contribute in promoting stability through economic and social development, especially in five southern boarder provinces.


Future Business plan

1. Enhance the strength of all core businesses; retail, SMEs, and corporate banking.
2. Increase fee-based income.
3. Reduce operational cost.
4. Reduce financial cost.
5. Proceed with projects reflecting the true context of the Islamic Bank of Thailand.
6. Promote human resource efficiency to increase competiveness.